I played the game of my sexy youth with my Escort Mykonos. Although I had nothing like that in my mind with her, but by caressing my body she awakened my inner lust.

Listen to this story.

Escort Mykonos

Friends, my name is Victoria. I am a resident of Mykonos.
My height is 5 feet 3 inches and my 30 inches full boobs are quite amazing. My waist is 28 and ass is 34.

My father has a clothes shop. Has a younger sister and brother.

This is my first sex story… which I have written based on a true incident between me and my Escort Mykonos.

You guys should encourage me for my sexy youth game story so that I can keep bringing more such hot stories for you.

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This story is from the time when I was studying in 12th class.
I am very beautiful looking.
You can guess this from the fact that when I used to go to school, even the school master used to poke fun at me.
But I never expressed any feelings to anyone.

I and my brothers and sisters all studied in the same school.

I have two Escort Mykonos. Elder Escort Mykonos had come to live with us because Escort lived in the village, so he was not able to study.
That’s why father called him here and got him admitted in our school.

He was a little shy but he was very mean from inside.

While father also paid attention to politics, he remained busy in party work.
When he went away from the shop due to his politics, we had to sit in the shop at that time.

Whenever my Escort Mykonos and I used to sit in the shop, we would keep talking.

Let me tell you something about Mohit. He is 5 feet 6 inches tall. He is also good looking, which means girls don’t pay much attention to him.

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When he and I used to talk, there was never anything sexual related between us.

Once he and my younger brother were playing in the dark room of the house.
At the same time my younger sister went to see him, who did not return for a long time.
She also started playing with them.

When I went there, I saw that my sister was sitting in Mohit’s lap.

My sister is also one year younger than me.
So I felt a bit strange seeing a young girl sitting on the lap of a young boy.

Then at that time I thought that they are just playing.

Seeing me, Mohit people started asking me to play too.
I asked- What is this game and what is required to be done in it?

He said- We have to pick up each other and hold him here until he frees himself.
This was not a game. Both those boys looked like this.

Both of them were probably enjoying playing catch with the girls, so they both had convinced my younger sister to play this game.

One thing is also that youth is like that. Under the influence of it, whether it is a boy or a girl… they themselves sit with each other and try to get rid of their itch.

My younger sister had started playing Chipka Chipki with those two boys to soothe the itch that she felt at this age.

Now since Mohit had also asked me to play this game, my pussy started itching.

escort mykonos

Since I had not had the pleasure of having sex with any cock till now, I also started feeling like playing with it.

I started playing as Escort Mykonos with Mohit.
Mohit once caught hold of me and tried to kiss my cheek.

But I became a little uncomfortable with his attitude and freed myself from his hold and went out.
I stopped this game of theirs also.

In the evening we all used to study together, so sometimes Mohit would read something to me or would come and sit near me and talk to me.
It continued like this.

There was nothing between us, neither did he ever say anything to me and I didn’t like him much anyway.

One day on a cold Sunday, we all were sleeping.

That day, all four of us brothers and sisters were sleeping together.
Mohit and I were sleeping nearby.

Both of us were covered in separate sheets but he came under my sheet and placed his hand on my hand.

I thought it was probably sleeping like Escort Mykonos so I didn’t do anything.

After some time he placed his hand on my top, even then I thought he was doing this while sleeping.

But after some time he put his hand inside my top and started touching my boobs.

I lay quietly.
The fire of my youth had started burning me again.

After some time he pulled me towards himself and put his other hand in my lower.
I still remained lying quietly and kept enjoying his activities.

Then he put one of his hands inside my panty and touched my pussy and took it out.
This action of his made me tingle.

After this he continued pressing my breasts and started moving his other hand on my pussy.
I was also feeling good so I kept getting it done silently.

My younger sister was also lying near me.
She was watching all this.
But she too was silent.

After some time Mohit inserted his finger in my pussy.
I groaned and moved up a little but managed to remain still in such a way that he would not know that I had woken up.

But he had seen it, so now he started moving his finger in and out of my pussy.
He might have realized from the water leaking from my pussy that I was awake and enjoying having my pussy fingered.

After some time, I became completely stiff and completely loose.
He understood that I had orgasmed.

He kept his finger in my pussy and kept pressing my breasts.

As soon as I turned, he again pulled me towards himself and started holding my hand and putting his penis on me.

When I did not hold his penis, he held my hand with his hand and started masturbating my penis.

After some time he left his hand and I myself started shaking his penis.

My younger sister was watching all this.

As soon as Mohit’s penis was about to ejaculate, he got stiff and raised himself up a little and he released his fluid all over my hand.

Even while ejaculating, he was getting a little stiff but I did not stop shaking my penis.

After a few moments, his penis started getting smaller, so I applied my spit and caressed it again and made it erect.

main qimg 291c4a69b8bc4e010508729280ec3254

When the penis started raising its head again, I started masturbating it again.
Now he was stopping me but I did not stop.

This time he started ejaculating again after some delay.
He released all the fluid from his penis on my hand and the bedsheet.

The sheet got dirty.
He also calmed down and started fingering my pussy again and kissing me.

I didn’t stop him.
Her water which was on my hand, reached my mouth.
When I sucked one of my fingers wet with her juice, I felt something strange.

I wiped my hands with the sheet and also wiped his penis.

By now it was four o’clock in the evening, so mom was knocking on the door to wake us all up.

None of us spoke but my younger sister got up.
Because of that I also had to get up.

At the same time Mohit held my hand, my younger sister Swati saw this and she freed my hand from Mohit’s hand and quickly opened the gate.

The matter was over that day.
But that action of my younger sister was forcing me to think about why she freed my hand from Mohit’s hand.
Why did she keep silently watching the entire game happening during that time?

Has my younger sister tasted Mohit’s penis?

Now I started keeping an eye on the activities of Mohit and my younger sister.

Perhaps my Escorts Mykonos had understood this matter, that is why she stayed away from Mohit in front of me.

On the other hand Mohit had started setting me up.
Every now and then he would squeeze my breasts or caress my pussy and ass.

I removed his hand but did not say anything to him.
The result was that Mohit’s courage kept increasing.

One night my parents had gone out of the house for two days for some work.

That night Mohit got an opportunity.
She told me in the evening – Tonight we both will play the game of sex. You clean your pussy.

I remained silent after hearing such frank words from him and while taking bath, I cleaned the hair from my sexy pussy.

This meant that somewhere my sexy Escort Mykonos youth was surging, I too wanted to get fucked by my cousin’s cock.

Well… it was night and after having food, my younger brother and sister went to sleep in their room.
After some time, I also started going to sleep with my younger sister.

At that very moment Mohit caught hold of me and started taking me in his lap to mom and dad’s room.

At that time I felt as if I had taken a cold breath that today Mohit will definitely open the mouth of my pussy.
I was also very excited, so I put my hand around Mohit’s neck and went with him to mom’s room.

Friends, Mohit fucked me inside the room, why hide this thing?
All I have to say is that that night my younger brother also fucked me and my younger sister also danced naked.

Hot Escort Mykonos lust

In the virgin pussy fucking story, I fucked my brother-in-law’s sister’s daughter. When I went to my sister’s house, she had come. He started wooing me. Why should I stay behind?

Hello friends, my name is Sunny and I am from Mykonos.

I am a regular customer of Escort Mykonos.

I am normal in appearance, but I have a habit of joking.
Because of this habit of mine, I got many opportunities.
I want to share them with you one by one.

This virgin pussy fucking story happened when I had gone to my sister’s place for a holiday after my 12th exams.

I am the darling of my sister and brother-in-law.
And I talk to everyone lovingly, that’s why everyone there pampered me.

He had asked me to come to his house for a long time but was not able to go because of school.

When my papers were over, I asked my family and came to my Escort Mykonos place.

When I reached there and knocked the door.
Then some girl opened the door.

main qimg 1839830f5a05a9a8c55377d9a1db9d42

I just kept looking at him.
She also looked to be of my age.

She was dark skinned but her eyes were saying too much.
It seemed as if the eyes were filled with lust and were inviting embrace.

She looked exactly like Bipasha Basu.
Her breasts were very tight and her nipples were very attractive.

Her ass was very nice.
It seemed as if I could catch it right now.

The fragrance of her body was driving me crazy.

At that time, I was at such a stage of youth that I felt like just throwing myself down and getting fucked right here.

Later I came to know that her name is Eva and she is related to my brother-in-law, meaning my brother-in-law is considered her maternal uncle and I am also considered her maternal uncle… because this is my Escort Mykonos.
According to this relationship, brother-in-law’s niece means my niece too.

I kept looking at him for a while, then he asked – Whom do you want?
After waking up a little, I told my sister’s name.

Then my sister’s younger daughter saw me coming and ran and hugged me.
I also gave her chocolate and started rotating her vigorously by holding her hands.

Just then my sister came and she also hugged me.

Sister started asking about the house, how is everyone at home… etc.
I said- Do you welcome anyone like this in your city? Sister, let me come inside the house.

main qimg 75c32bd66b4887841e23cf79917de3a7

Everyone laughed at my words and my sister’s children were very happy with my arrival.

Also, I noticed one thing that ever since I came, Eva was watching me only… What’s more, she was helping me in all my work.

After coming inside, I went to wash my hands and feet.
She came behind me.

When I asked, she gave me the towel, laughed and went away.

If I talked to anyone, she would only look at me… but till now I had not had any bad thoughts about her in my mind.

After some time, I asked my sister about Eva, who is she?
Escort Mykonos told that she is your niece by marriage.

After listening to my niece I felt a little agitated.
But Eva’s longing had heated me back up.

I had come early in the morning, so now my sister and my Escort Mykonos had gone to work and brother-in-law was already at work.
Only I, my sister’s three children and Eva were left in the house.

I switched on the TV and sat on the sofa and started watching songs.

Eva came and sat near me.
As soon as his hot body touched mine, there was a tingling sensation in my body… and I don’t know when my friend started making movements with my pants.

As soon as her eyes fell on my pants, I covered my penis with my hand.
But still his gaze did not move away even for a moment.
As if she was telling me to let me see the dick.

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When I got up from there and went to the bathroom, she started following me.

I looked at her with some anger and Escort Mykonos went away from there.

As soon as I came into the bathroom, I freed my penis from my pants.
The penis came out giggling as if it was very happy.

I had never seen my penis so hard and big till date… perhaps this was the first time, that is why this happened.

I held my penis in my fist and started masturbating vigorously.
When I ejaculated after a few minutes, I felt very relieved.

As soon as I came out of the bathroom after cleaning my penis, Eva was in front of me and was looking at me with questioning eyes.

After a while she laughed and went away.

Now it came to my mind that ever since I came… she has been staring at me as if she wants to get fucked by me.

Now I made a plan.
I started thinking of playing hide and seek with the Escort Mykonos and started calling them.

Eva also came there and got ready to play.
First I asked everyone to hide.

After a while I caught the youngest girl.
Now she told everyone to hide and went away.
The remaining children also ran away.

I held Eva’s hand and went under the bed.

escort mykonos

When she also did not say anything, my courage increased further.
As soon as we both went under the bed, I pulled her towards me.

It was as if she wanted this.
As soon as he came near me, he placed his lips on mine and closed his eyes.

Due to her doing this, my penis became erect again and I went out of my control.
I also started sucking and biting her lips vigorously.

Now he hesitated a little.

I immediately placed one of my hands on Escort Mykonos breasts over her clothes and squeezed one of them hard.
He made a face as if making a sigh and indicated with his eyes to do it slowly.

But now how can I listen to him?
I was in my own way…or rather, lust had taken over me.

Both of us stayed there for five minutes.
When I thought of taking a look at her pussy…she stopped me.

Perhaps she had already understood my intentions.
But till then I placed her hand on my penis and signaled her with my eyes to masturbate.
She also opened the chain of my pants and started masturbating my penis.

I am telling you the truth friends, I had masturbated many times before but as soon as her hand touched my penis, I lost all my senses and closed my eyes and started taking her lips in my mouth with great force and started biting them.

Here she kept masturbating my penis vigorously.

After some time, that beautiful moment arrived and the semen that came out of my penis hit her Punjabi suit with a sharp stream.

I pulled her towards me forcefully and started pushing as if I was pushing into her pussy.

Only when all my stuff was gone did my face feel happy.
But her pussy was on fire.

Escort Mykonos stood up from there, so I too closed the chain of my pants and got up.
Eva smiled a little and said – It will be my turn at night!

I also said ‘yes’ and she ran out.

Now she was not separated from me throughout the day, wherever I went…she would come there.
When I started putting my things in the cupboard, she came and snatched the clothes from my hands and started doing all the work herself.

main qimg 7ecfe57b7719ef7f0f54e9a0b03d9101

I felt like holding her in my arms right now.
But the children were there so I could not do anything.
Although I could at least put my hand on her hand.

After some time, I felt hungry so I called my sister’s elder daughter and asked about food.

Just then my sister called, she said that food was not cooked today. So there was some work.

He asked to give the phone to his daughter and probably told her to cook food for him.

Sister’s daughter went to cook food.
But after some time she remembered that she had to go for tuition, so she asked Eva to cook food and went away.

Now Eva came into the kitchen and shouted at me – If you are hungry, why didn’t you tell me?
I said nothing.
But I really liked the way she was asserting her rights over me.
I felt as if I was her husband.

After some time, the food was ready and she served it to me very lovingly and started smiling and asked me to eat.

After having dinner, I went out and brought earrings for her and gave them to her.

She was very happy and wore it and showed it to me.

I indicated that it was good.
Also asked him how he felt?
She smiled and went inside the house.

Now I was waiting for the night to come because she had said that she was due.

Had dinner with everyone in the evening and watched some TV.

After some time Eva came after completing her work and sat next to me.

It was cold so I was wrapped in a sheet. She also came into it.

At first I was a little nervous.
But now all the lights in the house were off so no one came to know.

Suddenly Escort Mykonos placed her hand on my penis and started massaging it vigorously with her hand.

After some time, she very cleverly lowered the chain of my pants and took out my penis and started caressing it with her hand.

I was not going to remain silent, I also took my hand towards her panty.

First I inserted a finger inside her navel.
It was as if he felt an electric shock.

She was looking at me but didn’t say anything.

So after getting the green signal, I started caressing her waist with my hands.
She was sitting with her eyes closed.

Now slowly, I untied the knot of the cord with which her lehenga was tied.

I was taking one of my hands inside.
Then I realized that she had hardly ever cut her pussy hair.
Her breasts were very big.

I kept caressing those breasts for some time and Eva was enjoying it very comfortably.
Then I turned towards the pussy.

As I caressed a finger over her pussy, her pussy released water.
Her pussy juice came in my hand also.

This was the first time that I took the pussy juice of a girl from inside the bedsheet with my hands into my mouth and started licking it.

When Eva saw this, she liked it very much and smiled sweetly.

Determined to complete the unfinished work, I again inserted a finger inside the pussy.

This time she shuddered.
Now she could no longer control herself and shook my penis vigorously.
She applied so much force that I ejaculated within a short time.

After removing the water from my penis, Escort Mykonos got up and went to the bathroom, cleaned everything and went down to sleep on the mattress with the other children.
He asked me to come also.

I also got up and went and spread myself next to her.

Now everyone was asleep.
But I was also afraid that someone might come while I was doing something.

My heart and her heart were beating loudly.

I was looking into Escort Mykonos eyes and she was also looking into my eyes.

Then I held her hand in mine.
I remained like this for some time and whispered in her ear – Let some more time pass…maybe brother-in-law’s voice is coming.

After some time both of us fell asleep.

But it is said that the ghost of lust can make you do anything.

Don’t know how I woke up from sleep at exactly one o’clock.
I took stock for a while to see if anyone was awake.

When everything felt fine, I placed my hand on Eva’s cheek and caressed it, and kissed her on the forehead.

As soon as I kissed her on the forehead, she woke up.
As soon as she woke up, I placed my lips on her lips.

He liked it very much.

Then I kissed her neck, kissed her nose and also bit her a little.
There was no need to say anything to my hands; they automatically started massaging her breasts.

Then I heard some sound, so I started pretending to sleep as I was.
Brother-in-law probably got up to go to the bathroom.

For a while I remained lying with my hands on her breasts.
When I felt that everything was alright, I got up and climbed on top of Eva.

I massaged her breasts very forcefully and removed her top.

After that I also removed the bra and I pounced on her breasts like a beast.

For ten minutes I squeezed her breasts, turning them red and biting her nipples very hard.

Eva was about to cry but she could not cry.

Now I turned her upside down and lay down on her and started pressing her buttocks hard with both my hands.
After doing this for a few minutes, I made Eva straight again and slid her lehenga down.

In front of me was Escort Mykonos bushy pussy which looked like a forest.
But I found her very beautiful and I went crazy after seeing her lush pussy.

I couldn’t control myself anymore and took out my penis and started rubbing it on her pussy.

When I looked at her, she was yearning for sex and was dying to take the dick.

main qimg 07c14150319826a985d6ec0ab59bdb48

Then I asked her with eye signals – should I insert my penis?
He said ‘yes.’

I was rubbing my penis on her pussy, so as soon as I got her signal, I gave a push.
But the penis slipped.

Due to there being a lot of hair in her pussy and it being a little dark, it was not visible properly.

When the penis slipped for the second time, Eva bent towards me and placed my penis on her pussy with her hand and asked me to push.

That’s it… her saying and putting my penis inside happened in the same moment.

As soon as the head of the penis went inside the vagina, Eva forcefully stuffed her bedsheet into her mouth.

I saw that she was crying.

I felt a little disappointed that Escort Mykonos was crying because of me.

As soon as I was about to take out my penis, Eva stopped me and signaled me to push.
I liked this thing of his very much and I gave a strong push.

Half of the penis must have gone into her pussy, then water started coming from her pussy.
I thought that she had ejaculated very quickly.

But when I looked carefully, I realized that it was blood… there was a lot of it, but I did not want to stop the fucking by telling her now.

So I gave one more push and inserted the penis completely into the pussy.
It was as if Eva had become unconscious due to the fucking of the virgin pussy.

I stopped for a while and started kissing Eva on her lips and sucking her breasts.
I started kissing every part of her body.

After a while he also started liking it.
She herself asked me to move my penis in and out slowly.

I also did the same thing.
I would pull out a little penis and insert it into the pussy again.

After a few minutes, she also started enjoying, so she asked me to thrust her penis harder.
She herself started raising her ass from below and started eager to take the dick.


I was waiting for this.
Seeing her ass rising, I started fucking her hard.

A moan was coming out of her mouth ‘Ahhhh.’

Within a short while, Escort Mykonos orgasmed for the second time and lay there as if she had become dead.

I was still pushing.
After a few minutes, I too was about to ejaculate, so I pulled my penis out and ejaculated above her navel.

After that Eva took me in her arms and kissed me on my forehead.

I remained lying on her for a while; After that lay down next to him.

I took her inside my sheet and started sleeping clinging to her.

She was also sleeping holding me so tightly, as if I was a thief and had been caught so that I would not run away after stealing.
The next day also I fucked her and fucked her ass.